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You love fiction? So do we! Keep up-to-date with all our new fiction with the...March Fiction Booklet

Book themes

We have put together booklets based on various themes

  • Dystopian Fiction Here,
  • Based on a true story Here
  • Cosy murder mystery Here
  • Includes recipes Here
  • First in a fantasy series Here
  • Romance Here

You can reserve items from the booklet. Just highlight what you would like and bring it in for us to add your name to your chosen titles...its that simple!
(A 50c reservation per item applies upon pick up)


The newest Nonfiction books out and about in the library March new releases


Prefer true life stories about a person's life? Our new non-fiction booklet is a helpful list containing the newest biographies and autobiographies to hit our shelves.

Large Print

Need a bit of help to read the stories you love, try our New Large Print Booklet