Gore District Libraries Internet Access Policy

Provision of computers for the purposes of internet access, printing and other associated technologies supports Gore District Council’s vision of allowing people to enjoy the lifestyle and culture of their choice.

All customers using Gore District Libraries computers and internet access are expected to follow the guidelines set out in this policy.

Internet Access

Gore District Libraries endeavours to provide a quality internet experience, however internet availability and performance is subject to the internet service provider and other circumstances that are outside of the control of the library. 

The Internet is an interactive medium that is being changed continuously, information on the Internet may be inaccurate, illegal or considered controversial by some users. The Library is not responsible for the accuracy of information or content on any internet site.

As with all other library material, parents and caregivers, not librarians, are responsible for supervising their children’s activities within the library, including their use of the internet.

Unacceptable Conduct

Unacceptable conduct may lead to the termination of a usage session and a refusal to accept further bookings. Unacceptable conduct includes:

  • behaviour which disturbs or interferes with the usage of other library customers;
  • attempting to access or display internet sites with explicit content, which may reasonably be considered to be offensive;
  • the destruction of, or damage to, library equipment;
  • software license infringement;
  • the attempted installation of unauthorised software or hardware;
  • violation of the computer system security;
  • illegal downloading of copyright material and
  • use of the library public access internet facilities for illegal or nuisance activities

Copyright Infringement

Gore District Libraries is committed to the protection of copyright and takes seriously the use of its resources to intentionally infringe copyright.  As such, Gore District Libraries reserves the right to terminate the internet access accounts of users who repeatedly and intentionally infringe copyright.


Gore District Libraries reserves the right to monitor and log all computer activity, including internet usage. Monitoring of usage may be used for the purpose of ensuring that the requirements of this policy are followed.

Gore District Library 10C Ardwick Street, Gore, 9710 P: 03 203 9129 E: gorelibraries@goredc.govt.nz