Internet access

Internet computers

Internet computers at Gore and Mataura libraries are free of charge. The network is provided by the National Library of New Zealand via the Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa (APNK).

Each session is 30 minutes. Gore District Libraries reserve the right to limit the number of sessions per person per day. Children and teens (under 18) may have up to maximum one hour per day View terms of usage

Computers shut down 10 minutes before closing time.

You may use your own headset or ask staff if you wish to use a library headset.


Free Wi-Fi is available in the libraries during opening hours and outside the library 24/7. With the wireless enabled your device will detect the library's wireless network. You will be directed to the APNK welcome page, where you should accept the terms and conditions to continue.


Printing is available directly from the internet computers. Printing charges apply.

Device charging

You may charge your device at the Mataura Library, while keeping cords safe. Unfortunately there are no facilities for charging devices within the temporary Gore Library, due to very tight power usage constraints in the hall temporary location.

Gore District Library 10C Ardwick Street, Gore, 9710 P: 03 203 9129 E: