Raise a reader

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Raise a reader

Gore District Libraries have a great, wide-ranging children’s collection, which we are always adding to and updating. We love to encourage reading at any age and getting imaginations running. Our collections are a fantastic resource to stimulate your children’s thinking, help them to develop positive, lifelong reading habits and expand their general knowledge. Our Children’s Library Collection extends from picture and board books, children’s comics and magazines, through to senior fiction and non-fiction.

Why read to babies and children?

Reading, talking and singing are essential for your child's learning

  • contributes positively to your child's growing view of the world
  • provides easy, joyful bonding time with your child
  • helps your child develop language skills and a broad vocabulary
  • gives your child experience of different types of language, rhythms and sounds
  • teaches your child about many topics that don't crop up in everyday conversation
  • develops your child's eye muscles through the effort of focusing on pictures

Ideas for reading with your child

  • speak clearly and gently, enjoying the world of story
  • spend time talking about the pictures before turning the page
  • use different voices for different characters - use an expressive voice
  • name an object on the page and ask your child to point to the picture
  • or point to a picture and ask your child what it is
  • ask questions such as "Where is the..? What is that called?"
  • follow the words with your fingers as you read
  • invite your child to join in or finish phrases when reading a familiar story
  • ask questions such as "Why did he do that? What will happen next?"