Gore Library Closure and Relocation

Relocation of the Gore Library

We have now relocated all the books and equipment to our temporary location, the James Cumming Wing hall, and are open for business!

At this stage we expect to be at the hall for about 18 months, although much will depend on the outcome of exploratory work at the current building. The decision to close the old library has been made with the safety of customers and staff forefront in our mind.

Testing and expert advice indicated the black mould discovered in February did not present a hazard at the time, however, the situation was expected to get worse during winter when it is damp and the ventilation would be reduced.

A detailed examination of the building will be carried out to assess how bad the mould is and the extent of the water damage. This can only be done when the building is not open to the public, due to the potential for contamination when the mould is disturbed.

The presence of asbestos also means no structural investigations or remedial work can be carried out while the building is in use. We want to stress that air quality testing for asbestos, carried out prior to the move, on books and with staff wearing sensors, had come back negative.

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Please talk to staff if you have any further questions or email us at gorelibraries@goredc.govt.nz

Come and visit us at our new location.



Will the library’s opening hours change?
No, we will have our normal opening hours at the new premises.

Will there still be delivery of housebound books?
Yes, the timetable may change slightly during our relocation. We will advise those affected.

Is there parking near the new premises?
Yes, there is parking outside the James Cumming Wing, in Ardwick Street and Bowler Avenue.

Will Toddler Time and Wriggle & Rhyme still be on?
Yes but the start of Term 2 Toddler Time will be delayed until June.

What if my books and other loan items are due back when the library is closed for relocation?
Loan periods will be extended to cover the closed period.

Will I still be able to use the internet computers?
Yes, we expect internet computers to be available at the new premises.

Will Ancestry.com be available?
Yes, if there’s internet connectivity then Ancestry.com will be available.

Can I access the Library’s free wifi at the new premises?
Yes, we expect to be able to continue this service.

Will printing, scanning and photocopying be available?

Are you taking all the books?
Yes, we expect to take all books and other resources, but this will become clearer during the relocation.

Will the Mataura Library and Service Centre be affected?
No, it will be open as normal 10.00am-5.00pm. You are welcome to visit Mataura while we are closed.

Will you have an afterhours returns?
Yes, we will ensure there is one available.

Are the staff going to be affected?
There will be no job losses.

Will the Interloan service be available at the new premises?

Will the Winter Reading Challenge be held this year?
No, but Summer Reading Challenges will be on.

Will the daily newspapers be available during the closed period?
No, but back issues will be able to be referenced when we reopen.

Will I be able to reserve books when the library is closed?
Yes, you can reserve an item online at www.gorelibraries.govt.nz or email the library gorelibraries@goredc.govt.nz .

Will I be able to renew books when the library is closed?
Yes, you can renew online at www.gorelibraries.govt.nz as long as no one is waiting on the book, or email the library gorelibraries@goredc.govt.nz .

What can I do if I need help connecting to the Library’s eBook platforms while the library is closed?
Email the library gorelibraries@goredc.govt.nz and staff will get back to you

Gore District Library 10C Ardwick Street, Gore, 9710 P: 03 203 9129 E: gorelibraries@goredc.govt.nz