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Queenslayer De Castell Sebastien 

Queenslayer- Sebastien De Castell

Spellslinger; 5

An innocent mistake sends Kellen to the hangman's noose and his only way out is to agree to murder an eleven-year-old queen. But Kellen soon discovers the child monarch is shrewder than anyone realises - and in a great deal more danger. Can an outlaw spellslinger and his squirrel cat business partner unravel an ugly conspiracy without bringing down the most powerful empire on the continent?

The spy with the red balloon Locke Katherine

The spy with the red balloon - Katherine Locke

Balloonmakers; 2

Siblings Ilse and Wolf want to avoid thinking about World War II by focusing on their studies in New York. But outside the physics lab, Ilse conducts experiments with magic. When the OSS catches on, the siblings find themselves blackmailed into the war effort. Ilse is sent to a top-secret facility to develop a magical delivery system for the military's newest weapon: the atom bomb. Her brother Wolf is sent behind enemy lines to sabotage Germany's nuclear program. It's a dangerous mission for a Jewish boy, but Wolf understands the stakes: if Hitler gets the bomb first, all will be lost. But not everyone is fighting on the same side, and Ilse soon uncovers a spy attempting to destroy the entire operation--a spy who can do magic. With the fate of the world at stake, can Ilse manage to catch the spy in time?

Stepsister Donnelly Jennifer



Stepsister - Jennifer Donnelly

We meet Isabelle, the younger of Cinderella's two stepsisters. Ella is considered beautiful; stepsister Isabelle is not. Isabelle is fearless, brave, and strong-willed. She fences better than any boy, and takes her stallion over jumps that grown men fear to attempt. It doesn't matter, though; these qualities are not valued in a girl. Others have determined what is beautiful, and Isabelle does not fit their definition. Isabelle must face down the demons that drove her cruel treatment of Ella, challenge her own fate and maybe even redefine the very notion of beauty . . . Cinderella is about a girl who was bullied; Stepsister is about the bully. We all root for the victims, we want to see them triumph. But what about the bullies? Is there hope for them? Can a mean girl change? Can she find her own happily ever after?



The accomplice Grisham John

The accomplice - John Grisham

Theodore Boone; 7

Woody Lambert is in trouble. He comes from a broken family, suffers bad grades at school and his older brother, Tony, is on probation for a drug offence. When Woody inadvertently gets caught up with Tony and one of his friends, Garth, cruising around Strattenburg in a beaten-up Mustang drinking beer, one thing leads to another and Garth holds up a convenience store with a fake gun. Though he had no involvement in the crime other than being in Garth's car, Woody is arrested as an accomplice. He's going to need serious legal advice to avoid juvenile prison. Enter Theodore Boone: after all, Theo has already decided that he will become the best courtroom lawyer in the state. It's just that, at the age of thirteen, Theo is years from being a qualified lawyer - and Woody needs help right now.


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