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Echoes between us

Echoes between us - Katie McGarry

Veronica sees ghosts-- specifically, her mother's-- thanks to the blinding migraines that consume her whole life. Sawyer is handsome and popular, a state champion swimmer, but this All-American is hiding an adrenaline addiction that could kill him. Drawn to each other after a chance meeting, can they help each other battle the demons that haunt their every step-- or will they push their luck too far and risk losing it all?

Every sparrow falling McMillan Shirley Anne

Every sparrow falling - Shirley-Anne McMillan 

'Be nice to the majority of people and they won't bother you much. Don't get too involved. Have a laugh but keep your distance.' These are the words 16-year-old Cariad lives by. She's just been placed in yet another foster home, this time with an elderly Christian couple in a small town off the coast of Northern Ireland. Cariad knows how to play this game. She'll toe the line just enough that her new foster parents don't ask what she gets up to when the sun goes down, just enough that they leave her alone. It's easier that way. But when a boy at school disappears - presumed dead - and no one seems to care, it really bothers her. Then one night out walking on the clifftops, she sees him and he asks her to keep his secret. Don't get too involved. Have a laugh but keep your distance. These are the words Cariad has lived by until now.

I am not a number Heathfield Lisa



I am not a number - Lisa Heathfield

Ever since the Traditional Party came to power, everything that 15-year-old Ruby took for granted -- hanging out with her boyfriend Luke, voicing her opinion and wearing what she wants -- has been taken away. And things are getting worse. Soon Ruby and her family find themselves taken to a prison camp far from home. Each person is allocated a number -- Ruby is number 276. Forced into hard labour and with friends and family going missing every day, Ruby knows she has to escape and let the world know what is happening. She has to somehow cling on to her identity and fight back. Her life depends on it.


The night country Albert Melissa

The night country - Melissa Albert

Hazel Wood; 2

Alice has fought hard for a normal life. Having escaped the Hinterland - the strange, pitch-dark world she was born into - she has washed up in New York City, determined to build a new future for herself. But when her fellow survivors start being brutally murdered, Alice must face the fact that the Hinterland cannot be so easily escaped. And that, from the shadows of her past something - or someone - is coming for her.


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