Book blurbs


Hello! Kia Ora! Welcome friend by Rachel Weston

Ruby, nervous on her first day of kindergarten, soon gains confidence thanks to the teacher who has taught her class to always smile and welcome new people.


Jelly-Boy by Nicole Godwin

What happens when a jellyfish falls in love with a plastic bags she mistakes for a jelly-boy? Jelly-Boy is different. He is big and strong. And not as wobbly as the other Jelly-boys. By the time Jelly-Girl discovers the dangerous truth about her new friend, it may already be too late.


The midnight adventures of Ruru and Kiwi by Claire Scott

The Kiwi looked up to the sky above, and and sang to the tune of the breeze 'Oh lovely Ruru! I'll dine here with you, we'll picnic beneath these trees, these trees, these trees, we'll picnic beneath these trees.


The pirates are coming by John Condon

Tom has a VERY important job; every day he climbs to the top of the hill and watches for pirate ships. But when he rings his bell and shouts  PIRATES!  a few too many times - and there's NO pirate ship - the villagers begin to get tired of hiding. So what will happen when the pirates really do show up? 


Fish kid and the mega mantra ray by Kylie Howarth

Holidays in Ningaloo are the best! Fish Kid is back and he can't wait to show Emely around and test out his new-found fish powers. But when a secret manta ray mission goes horribly wrong, Fish Kid find himself in a terrifying tangle of trouble. He'll need more than fish powers to save himself this time.


Prank you very much by Megan McDonald

Prankenstein strikes again! The Summer Science Showdown is just around the corner, and Stink is positive that he has the recipe for a winning entry. Soon he's acting like a mad scientist, with strong-smelling potions in hand and visions of super tomatoes dancing in his head. Judy takes one look at her busy brainiac brother and sees a situation ripe for a little mischief! Everyone knows that Judy has never met a practical joke she doesn't like, and soon the Princess of Pranks is cooking up a recipe of her own.


Master of disaster by James Patterson

Middle School; 12

Rafe and Jimmy, two misunderstood troublemakers, are finally up to something good. They're in charge of a huge celebration of books and reading - but when a small issue snowballs into a big problem that threatens to derail the whole event, they need to work fast to keep things on track!  


Sami's silver lining by Cathy Cassidy

Forced to leave Syria to seek safety with his Aunt and Uncle in England, refugee Sami has been readjusting to a new life in the UK whilst struggling to come to terms with the trauma of his journey. With the long summer holidays stretching before him, Sami has the chance to focus his attentions on his band, who seem to be losing their spark, on friends who are overcoming difficulties of their own, and on Lexie, the girl of his dreams. Can Sami overcome the pain of his past and build a new life for himself in Millford, or is his heart destined to remain frozen for good?  


Claire: Justice Ninja by Joe Brady


No matter too small, no problem too big - be it the neighbours dog fouling the pavements, or adults giving kids double standards, or the big school bully picking on the year one class - Claire will be there to bring justice to the world, by giving wrong-doers their just desserts! She's a whirlwind of energy and a hugely appealing new character dealing with the REAL injustices faced by kids every day in her own inimitable style. Don't look now - youve been ninja-ed!

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